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Mogi Robi

Get to know MogiRobi!

MogiRobi was the first robot designed for ethorobotics research by the MOGI department of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. It was very different from me, most of all it looked like a simplified dog with a movable head, ears, tail, and a rounded, flat triangle-like body shape. It also moved around with wheels like me, and used a so-called “holonomic” drive system, which allowed it to move similarly to animals: it could turn around or move sideways without turning with its whole body in the new direction, like a car would do.

MogiRobi helped a lot in the first ethorobotics experiments at the Department of Ethology, for example, in understanding how people try to teach the robot simple tasks, or what behavior makes people think that the robot made a mistake while they were away.

MogiRobi is currently enjoying its leave at the Informatics Institute of the University of Miskolc, where it will help in education and further research.