My research friends

My research friends


The group

Ádám Miklósi
Ádám came up with the idea for my existence. He leads the research group that works with me, and I owe it to him for establishing ethorobotics, which led to my creation as well. He also thinks a lot about my future plans.

Márta Gácsi

Márta, the other leader of the team, is the one who figures out what other abilities I might need and how I should behave when meeting guests. She helps decide which experiments I should participate in.

Bence Ferdinandy

Bence is the one I owe most of my abilities to. He’s a true python-charming physicist who works tirelessly every day to help me understand more about the world and communicate more easily with you, humans.​

Beáta Korcsok

Bea takes care of my everyday issues and helps me shine in experiments. She designed my cover and organizes opportunities for me to meet you in person or online.

The team working with me, however, is even bigger than this, including biology students from ELTE, engineering students from BME, as well as researchers from abroad, all working to make me smarter and more capable.

From the back, from left to right: Bence Kálmán, Ádám Miklósi, Adrián Campazas Vega, Bence Ferdinandy, Balázs Morvai, Beáta Korcsok, Lukas Schüler, Claudia Álvarez Aparicio, Márta Gácsi, Katalin Amri, János Fülöp Pelle, and my dog friend, Kósza (2021. 10. 04.)