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Previous robots – Ethon


Meet Ethon!

I hope to meet another predecessor of mine one day, Ethon. Ethon already resembled me much more, but I think it had a more artistic flair, which is evident in its appearance: it mostly looked like an abstract, triangular pyramid. Ethon moved with holonomic propulsion, but it also had arms and saw the world with a Kinect on its movable neck, although it used separate laser scanners and ultrasonic sensors for navigation. Ethon’s goal has been to become a great receptionist at the Department of Ethology and to escort arriving visitors to the researchers working in the department. Although it couldn’t learn everything needed for this, it could successfully navigate the department alone for hours, patrolling between different rooms and avoiding passersby. Moreover, it could even wave to people upon meeting them.

Since then, Ethon has moved abroad to help with ethorobotics research elsewhere.